2018 Program

The start and stop times are set, we may still move people around from Friday to Saturday unless you warn us about any issues. Please feel free to make travel plans now.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Morning Session


Room S Room A – Life Room B – Ethics
9:00 Introduction Session: What is Life?
9:40 Empty Christophe Malaterre, “Varieties of Life: Considerations from Text-Mining Analyses of the Scientific Literature” Erik Persson, “The Philosophical Challenge of Making Sure that a World is Uninhabited Prior to Manned Exploration and Exploitation” OR other
10:00 Rick Morris, “Bouchardian Evolutionary Definition” Lori Marino, “Are We Ready for Space Colonization?” OR “Intelligence in Astrobiology: Next Steps”
10:20 Nitesh Pandey, “Origin and Evolution of life on extra-terrestrial worlds”* Alan Johnson, “Defending Extraterrestrial Wilderness: The Value of Living and Nonliving Frontier Environments”
10:40 Break
11:00 Early Career Panel Lucas Mix, “Body Snatchers: What whole body hijacking reveals about our definitions of life” Clifton Wolf, “Animal Rights for Aliens? Ethical Treatment of Non-Humans in Astrobiology and Animal Protection Ideology”*
11:20 Maria Ruiz, “Reconciling natural kinds and life” Brian Green, “Ethics for Planetary-Scale Interventions on Earth and Beyond”
11:40 Nathalie Gontier, “Can we define life by how it evolves?” John W. Traphagan, “Do We Have a Moral Obligation not to Contact ET?”

Lunch 12:00-1:30

Afternoon Session


Room S Room A – Life Room B – Ethics
1:30 Empty Nolan Grunska, “Testability of RNA world and Metabolism first” Dan Wueste, “Logic, Ethics, and History: the mistake is thinking that it’s a mistake”
1:50 Adam Potthast, “What can we learn about alien agents from the problem of killer robots?”
2:10 Kelly Gallagher, “’Self-‘ Predicates and Definitions of Life” Keith Abney, “On aliens and robots: moral status, epistemological and (meta-)ethical considerations”
2:30 Break
2:50 TBA Brusse, “Parallel concepts of life and how they get to matter” Chelsea Haramia, “What We Owe ETI: Ethical Obligations and Cross-cultural Communication”*
3:10 Emily Parke, “Finding, Explaining, and Engineering Life” John Hart, “A Third Displacement?–Astrobiology and Astrolocality: Human Place(s) in the Cosmos”
3:30 Cory Lewis, “Astrobiology as an imaginative tool to investigate social construction” Ted Peters, “Does Extraterrestrial Life Have Intrinsic Value? An Exploration in Responsibility Ethics”
3:50 Break
4:10 Outreach Panel Julia DeMarines, “The Ethics of Intentionally Transmitting Messages to Extraterrestrial Intelligence” Robert Lodder, “Can You Find Intelligent Communications in Ultrahigh-Dimensional Big Data from Near-Infrared Optical SETI?”
4:30 Ryan Shane, “Alien Contact”* Jose Funes (Catholic University of Cordoba), “The Spiritual Quest in the SETI Research”
4:50 Michael Oman-Regan, “Radical First Contact: Bridging Astrobiology and SETI” Laura Welcher, “Building a Long-term Archive of Messages to ET”
7:00 Elizabeth Bear, Public Talk

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Morning Session


Room S Room A – Life and Such Room B – Ethics & Policy
9:00 Introduction Session: METI
9:40 John McCarthy, “Astrobiological Exploration as a Social Symbol”* Sanjoy Som, “Leveraging the overview effect to search for globally inclusive values”
10:00 Margaret Race, “Using Real World Challenges to Explore the Broad Societal Implications of Astrobiology, Space Activities, and Public Decision Making” Sarah Reynolds, “Being Here: The Significance of Human Place in the Light of Astrobiology
10:20 Gonzalo Munevar, “The Value of Astrobiology with or without Specimens” John Traphagan, “Do We Have a Moral Obligation not to Contact ET?”
10:40 Break
11:00 Panel: METI John Park, “Semantic Intuitions on Moral Twin Earth” Klara Capova, “Planetary Vulnerability: Assessing the impact of the commercial use of space and the global socioeconomic dimension of the new space race.”*
11:20 Barry DiGregorio, “Why has NASA intentionally stopped looking for extant microbial life on Mars?” Jacob Haqq-Misra, “Sustainable Policy Solutions for Space Settlement”
11:40 Harry Rabb, “Life on Mars – Visual Investigation and implications to Planetary Protection” Chris Newman, “Unnatural Selection or The Best of Both Worlds”: The Legal and Regulatory ramifications of the discovery of alien life”*

Lunch 12:00 – 1:30

Afternoon Session

Room S Room A – Sociology Room B – Policy
1:30 Education Panel Sheri-Beth Wells-Jensen, “Things you didn’t see because you were looking: Blind aliens, science and interspecies miscommunication” Michael Walthemathe, “A Historic Choice of Number: The Planetary Protection Requirement for Ocean World Exploration”*
1:50 Greg Anderson, “Christianity and SETI” Koji Tachibana, “What we have to consider before considering a new life in space”
2:10 William Alba, “METI and Community Building” Jim Schwartz, “The Importance of Answering the Major Questions of Astrobiology”*
2:30 Derek Malone-France, “Some Critical Considerations for Critics of METI” Patrick Lin, “Space Bioethics: A Giant Leap for Humankind”*
2:50 Bill Kitchen, “The Interstellar Beacon: a plan for backing up Earth”* Maria Ruiz, “Reconciling natural kinds and life”
3:10 Benjamin C. Kinney, “A selfish case for a non-interference principle” Linda Billings, “Neo-Liberal Space Ethics”*
3:30 Jason Howard, “The Time of Life” Don Scott, “DO YOU BELIEVE IN ALIENS?” Leading students and teachers to the answer, through STEAM”
3:50 Robert Kennedy, “Estimating Optical Signatures of Geoengineering at Interstellar Range” OR “Estimating Optical Signatures of Geoengineering at Interstellar Range” David DeGraff, “Using Aliens to Teach Evolution” OR “Development Of Science In The Habitable Zone Of An M Star”*
4:10 Janovic Tomislav, “Evolution of Technological Civilizations in Light of New Data: How Reliable are Probability Assessments?”* Katheryn Denning, “Metaplanetary Moments: Implications for Astrobiology”
4:30 Kelly Smith, “Astrobiology?” William Kramer, “The Present and Future We – Technology and the Expanding Sphere of Bioethics”
5:00 Ford Doolittle, “Is there a sensible way to say Life is alive?”  

* Has not yet confirmed.